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Vision Statement

It is the vision of Arden Primary Care Ltd. (APC) to be a recognised leader in provision of primary healthcare through effective leadership and co-ordination of NHS, local government, commercial, voluntary and charitable sectors.

While our foundations are based in Warwickshire, our portfolio of healthcare initiatives spans a number of countries in the developed and developing world.

10% of all proceeds from contractual work are donated to Arden Health Trust.


Management Team


Andrew Selley

Andrew M Selley MBA, CDir


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Sacha Simon

Dr Sacha Simon

Medical Director

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Onyema Bright

Onyema Bright RMN

Nursing Director

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Jon Flay

Jon Flay BA (Hons)

Operations Director

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Rich Bishop

Rich Bishop Bsc (Hons)

Chief Technical Officer

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International Development

International Development Practitioners

Arden Primary Care is one of the founding partners of the Pinnacle Healthcare Consortium (PHC), a 501c3 registered non-profit organisation. PHC is composed of a group of International Development Practitioners who have a proven track record implementing a wide range of infrastructure improvement programmes in developed and developing countries.

This integrated strategy targets these objectives:

  • Waste management
  • Sustainable clean water supply
  • Healthcare provision (primary to tertiary care)
  • Youth development and training
  • Economic stimulus packages
  • Recycling facilities, with electricity generation
  • Sustainable renewable energy
  • Healthcare IT (enabling international financial remittances)

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Health Policy Consultants

Arden Primary Care has a successful background introducing humanitarian programmes; including the design, commissioning, and implementation of a comprehensive integrated healthcare and education program in Afghanistan. These programmes oversaw the construction of numerous GP-led healthcare centres and regional hospitals, trained medical staff, and transferred skills.

We have provided consultancy advice for Ministries of Health in Afghanistan, the United Kingdom, Haiti, Nigeria and the United States.

Our directors have extensive experience providing senior management consultancy both in the commercial and public sectors. Breaking down barriers to equitable access to healthcare and creating sustainable programmes is at the heart of everything we do.


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Consortium Development Training Provider

The successful implementation of the reforms embodied in the Health and Social Care Bill will be dependent upon the collective leadership capability of individuals in the Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Leveraging on our extensive previous experience in commissioning, Arden Primary Care has joined with the London Academy Business School to provide a comprehensive training programme to develop the necessary skills for individuals who serve on these statutory bodies.

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Our bespoke training programme equips healthcare professionals in leadership positions on CCGs to meet present and future challenges: care being delivered closer to home, an ageing population, multiple co-morbidities and increasing patient expectations.

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